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Crime/Noir - Eric Fox
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Fantasy - Eric Fox
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Thriller - Eric Fox
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Horror/Romance - Eric Fox
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nice things people have said about me

Insatiable Press:

"Great work from Eric bringing these characters to life!  Looking forward to the next one in the series."

Steve Bluestein, author of It's So Hard to Type With a Gun In My Mouth and 49 and a Half Shades of Blue...stein:

"He got the tone perfectly, you know, PERFECTLY.  He is brilliant.  Eric Fox IS brilliant."

Martin Gleitsman, owner of HIPPO STUDIOS:

"Eric is fun to work with. He's up for anything. Great Results, Personable, Expert."


Phil Ings, owner of No Bull Intentions:

"He understood my character in a way that no one else had really managed, and created a voice for him which perfectly suited his personality. On many occasions, the lines sounded funnier when Eric recorded them than they sounded in my head."